ReMatter is a SOC-2 certified company that utilizes best in class cybersecurity and data security practices to keep your company’s data safe.


Best in class security. Secure and reliable cloud infrastructure.

ReMatter is committed to the security of our customers as their data. As a cloud-based company entrusted with valuable business data, we are focused on keeping your company’s data safe. ReMatter undergoes periodic security auditing, is SOC-2 certified, and employs best in class security practices.

Full Control over Employee Access
Permission your employees with View/Edit access to individual features so they only have access to what matters.
Accessible Product, Secure Data
Data in the ReMatter web console and mobile apps is only accessible by permissioned users at your company.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
SSO is an additional authentication layer allowing authentication in your own system without requiring users to enter additional login credentials.
Vulnerability Management
ReMatter regularly monitors production infrastructure and applications using off-the-shelf tools to identify potential vulnerabilities and reliability issues that could impact our systems.
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
2FA adds an extra layer of security by requiring users to provide two forms of identification before accessing the platform.
Data Encryption at Rest and in Transit
ReMatter encrypts data both at rest and in transit, ensuring the protection of sensitive information from unauthorized access and potential security breaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our cloud based product is designed from the ground up for maximum data security. Your data is encrypted and continuously monitored to protect against cybersecurity threats. Your data is also stored redundantly to ensure that a copy will survive any catastrophe.

The SOC 2 audit is one of the highest recognized standards of information security compliance in the world. ReMatter underwent a 6+ month audit before earning the certification and has to renew every year. You can learn more about our commitment to the security & availability of our customers’ operations on our blog.

No, ReMatter will never share your data with your competitors.

Yes, Admins have the ability to grant View/Edit/No Access permissions to any feature in ReMatter and have additional controls around entering prices and weights in the Scale Ticket.

Yes, we use industry-standard encryption protocols to protect your data in transit and at rest. This ensures that your data is secure and protected from unauthorized access.

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