Purchase & Sales Orders

Rapid document generation for purchases and sales

Create packing lists, invoices, and scale tickets, all in a matter of seconds. Save time and streamline the process of managing inventory and transactions.

Purchase Orders Made Easy

Streamlined Purchase Order creation

Generate professional Purchase Orders with material pricing and payment details.

Automatic Pricing for Scale Tickets

Pay the right prices to your suppliers, on the first try.

Quickly issue Purchase Orders

Lock in business with fast document generation.

Streamline Your Sales Process with Sales Orders

Create Sales Orders with Ease

Easily generate professional Sales Orders with all the necessary details.

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Manage Important Terms

Finalize all important terms including material prices, payment terms, and shipping terms, making the sales process more efficient and less time-consuming.

Attach Relevant Documents

Attach any necessary counter-party documents, such as invoices or shipping labels, to ensure everything is in one place for easy access.

Streamline Outbound Shipping and Payments

Create Itemized Shipping Documents on Your Phone

Easily generate bill of ladings, packing lists, and invoices with accurate weights and carrier details.

Ensure Accurate Payments

Reconcile invoices based on shipped or received weights to ensure you’re always paid the right amount.

Access Your Documents Anywhere

All your outbound shipping documents are available at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

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