Scale Ticketing

Lightning fast public and commercial purchasing from a computer or tablet

Scale Ticketing

Scrap purchasing built for speed

Quickly generate scale tickets for commercial & peddler suppliers. Automatically capture scale weights for accurate weighing.

Ticket Management

Create inbound, outbound, and transfer tickets

Efficiently log material purchases, sales, and interyard transfers from the same screen.

Print off full page or thermal receipts for your suppliers & customers.

Data Sharing

Real-time data shared across devices

Start a ticket on the truck scale and pick it up at the platform scale.

Materials & photos sync in real-time so operators are always in the loop.

Catalytic Converters

Converter purchasing for recyclers

Enter serial numbers & piece counts to buy converters at the best price, every time.

Attach photos and documents to converters for compliant purchasing.

Purchasing Controls

Permission your operators for consistent weights and pricing

Assign permissions to prevent operators from manually changing prices or material weights.

Require driver’s licenses, vehicle descriptions, photos, and more before closing a ticket.

Integrated Price Lists

Manage pricing across different pricing groups

Scale pricing will default based on the supplier.

View purchase history in real time to eliminate pricing guess work.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I scan in driver’s licenses for peddlers & commercial employees?

Users can scan in driver's licenses via the ReMatter Operator app. Take a photo of the ID front, scan the barcode on the back, and all ID details will automatically upload, without needing manual entry.

IDs from all 50 US States, Canada, and Mexico are supported.

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Do you support a touch screen interface?

The ReMatter Operator app is a touch screen interface for on the yard purchasing from a phone or tablet.

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Can you integrate with my scale?

Yes, ReMatter can connect to any serial or IP-connected scale head.

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