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Gerdau benefits from adaptability & flexibility

"Enterprise-type system that can be adapted anywhere"

ReMatter worked closely with Gerdau to build a massively-scalable scrap system

Revolutionizing Scrap Management

Gerdau innovates by using software to transform its scrap operations

Mobile Control for Yard Owners

Gerdau benefits from managing yards on-the-go with ReMatter's smartphone integration

Capital Metal Management

Switching to ReMatter was a smooth ride for the crew at Capital Metal

Mason highlights the swift response of ReMatter's customer support team

Increased Business

ReMatter's Supplier Portal Increased CMM's Customer Happiness and led to closing more deals

Time Savings

All of the time that I'm saving from not having to answer the emails and create all of these various reports… It lets me go after new business"

Universal Service Recycling

"I can confidently say that Rematter is a game-changer"

Across the board, Anthony and USR found significant return on their investment in ReMatter

Savings Abound

ReMatter has provided over $200k of bottom line growth at Anthony’s yards alone.

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