Driver Mobile

Built for drivers on the move

iPhone & Android compatible mobile app to receive jobs, take photos, and automate job ticketing

How it works

Assign a job to your drivers
Drivers receive the account name, address, and assets being serviced in the ReMatter Driver mobile app.
Drivers complete their assigned services
ReMatter Driver navigates Drivers to their location and prompts them to select serviced assets and take photos.
Complete jobs and keep trucking
Drivers can view their entire days schedule as well as jobs assigned to them on future dates.

Snap a photo to confirm asset drops, pickups, & swaps

Visual Documentation for Damaged Containers

Take photos of damaged containers to hold suppliers accountable and maintain transparency for customers

Confirm Service with Photo Proof

Drivers can snap a photo to confirm asset drops, pickups, and swaps to ensure accountability.

Track Failed Runs

Comprehensive tracking of failed runs

Drivers can select reasons for job failures, including dry runs, empty bins, and unprepared personnel.

Insights to improve operations

Identify trends to reduce failed runs and improve overall operational efficiency.

Customizable Alerts

Set up notifications for events such as missed runs, late driver check-ins, and more. Choose to receive alerts via email or SMS.

Effortless Navigation and Device Compatibility

One-click Address Routing

Eliminate the hassle of manual entry and use popular maps apps for efficient navigation.

Coordinate Navigation

Reach remote locations by navigating to coordinates provided in the ReMatter app.

Universal Device Compatibility

ReMatter Driver works seamlessly on all iPhone, iPad, and Android devices for easy accessibility.

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