Scale Ticket

Purchase material with confidence

Blazingly fast and accurate scale ticketing to move suppliers in and out of the yard

Efficient scale ticketing for streamlined operations

Automated Weight and Material Tracking

Accurately record weight and material data to streamline inventory management and financial reports.

Deliver Excellent Customer Service at the Scale

Provide real-time information on delivery and billing status to improve customer service.

Print Docs from Anywhere

Print or email full page/thermal weight tickets, held tickets, and scale ticket receipts.

Simplify Compliant Purchasing

Streamline Compliance

Enable required fields for public suppliers and material photos

Meet Regulations

Ensure your scrap metal purchases meet regulations.

Ensure Compliance with Material Photos

Automatically take pictures of scales to ensure that they meet your compliance requirements.

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ReMatter streamlines scale ticketing by accurately recording weight and material data, providing real-time information, and enabling printing or emailing of documents from anywhere.

By providing real-time information on delivery and billing status, ReMatter enhances customer service at the scale, ensuring efficient and transparent operations.

ReMatter enforces compliance by enabling required fields for public suppliers, material photos, and automatically taking pictures of scales to meet regulatory requirements.

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