Bin Tracking & Dispatch Made Easy

Automated bin tracking, dispatch scheduling, and account management - for yards of any size

ALCO Iron & Metal: ReMatter Makes Life So Much Easier

Robust driver dispatching

Keep Everything in One Place

Easily manage both internal and third-party driver jobs all in one place.

Seamless Job Assignment

Simply drag and drop jobs onto the appropriate driver for efficient dispatching and increased productivity.

Fast communication between drivers and dispatchers

Drivers can receive job details, communicate with dispatchers in real-time, and even upload photos and documents to keep everyone on the same page.

Track Your Assets and Improve Utilization

Real-time Bin Tracking

Keep track of all your bins in real-time, so you always know their location and status.

Ditch the Spreadsheets

Say goodbye to manual spreadsheets and whiteboards - ReMatter's Asset Tracking feature does the heavy lifting for you.

Optimize Bin Usage

By tracking bin location and usage, you can optimize your operations and improve efficiency, saving time and money.

Third-Part Hauler Dispatching

Streamline Hauler Dispatching

Invite and dispatch third-party haulers alongside internal drivers on ReMatter.

Effortlessly Manage Hauler Jobs

Assign jobs to approved haulers directly from ReMatter.

Simplify Hauler Paperwork

Automatically generate paperwork for hauler jobs and track their service costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. ReMatter is built with multi-facility recyclers in mind. Create dispatch schedules across facilities and drivers, including the ability to dispatch between two facilities.

No. ReMatter keeps track of assets based on the physical marking on the bin (typically a stenciled number). Drivers select the bin number being picked up or dropped off during their job.

The ReMatter Driver app was built for ease of use by drivers of all technology levels. Drivers with no technical experience have quickly learned the app and found it useful in cutting down on unnecessary trips back to the office for paperwork and knowing their schedule in advance.

Yes. All members of your commercial team can be invited to ReMatter Dispatch. Additionally, they can request bin service for their accounts directly in ReMatter, streamlining communication with dispatchers and making it easy to know when their job requests are scheduled for.

Absolutely! Many ReMatter customers had inaccurate tracking on their bin locations. ReMatter is the solution to help organize your assets going forward.

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