ReMatter Dispatch

Manage your Drivers and Assets in one system

Easily manage roll-offs, boxes, gaylords and more. Stop calling your Drivers to notify them of Jobs - simply drag-and-drop to get them on their way.

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View Inventory, Deployed, and Out of Service Assets

Stop losing Assets

With unique asset IDs and no manual entry by drivers, ReMatter keeps track of all of your bins so you don’t have to. Filter by location, asset type, or drop-off date to have an accurate picture of where all of your assets are.

Track Service History

Easily view the job history of particular assets. Gain insight into exactly which bins are most regularly deployed.

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Easy Job Scheduling

Drag and Drop Job Assignments

Easily create Exchanges, Round Trips, Drop-Offs, Pick-Ups, or Live Loads. Drag and drop to queue Job priority in a Driver’s column.

Real-Time Job Updates

Whether a Driver is arriving at a Supplier site or returning to your facility, monitor their location and job status without calling.

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ReMatter Driver for simple Job Assignment

iOS and Android Compatible

Access ReMatter Driver on-the-go, from anywhere. Stop buying dedicated hardware for out-of-date software and let Drivers use the devices they’re most comfortable with.

Robust Admin Settings

From requiring photos to allowing Drivers to create their own Jobs - you have control. Seamlessly manage Driver accounts from the ReMatter console.

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