ReMatter Full Suite

The New Operating System for Scrap Recyclers

ReMatter Full Suite is an end-to-end system to run your yard. Purchase material, track inventory, generate outbound sales documents, and more.

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Scale Ticketing

Integrated with ReMatter Dispatch

Automatically generate new Scale Tickets from Inbound Jobs created in ReMatter Dispatch in less than 10 seconds.

Full Pricing Control

Give your Scale Ticket Operator manual pricing control or pre-populate selected materials with specified pricing.

Email, Text, or Print Finished Tickets

Make it easy for your Suppliers to digitally receive a copy of their Scale Ticket receipt.

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Inventory Management

Auto-Updating Inventory

Inventory auto-updates based on materials purchased through the Scale Ticket and sold through the Sales Order tab. Easily create manual adjustments and regrades so you know what’s in stock.

Real-Time Job Updates

Whether a Driver is arriving at a Supplier site or returning to your facility, easily see their location and job status.

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Document Creation and Sharing

BOLs, Invoices, Packing Lists, and More

Stop using Quickbooks or Microsoft Word to product important outbound docs. ReMatter will autmatically generate a BOL, Invoice, and Packing List against open Sales Orders. We’ll even create a Job in ReMatter Dispatch.

Bale Tag Generation

Easily create labeled bag tags. Select the material, net weight, tare container, and print. It’s that simple.

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