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Universal Service Recycling

"Without a doubt, ReMatter has earned its spot as the number one software in today's marketplace.”

Drake Hougo
May 07 2024

In the world of scrap metal recycling, trust and efficiency aren't just business buzzwords—they're the foundation of a successful operation.

At Universal Service Recycling (USR), headquartered in Stockton CA, Anthony Bonilla runs operations as the General Manager, overseeing a shredder and 5 feeder locations. More broadly, he provides leadership in the industry as the former President of the West Coast Chapter of ISRI.

Every month, USR serves thousands of unique customers and moves thousands of tons of material across their five locations in Northern California and Nevada.

Anthony recognized early on the critical challenges his company faced: cumbersome data entry, inefficient customer and asset management, and the pressing need for operational accuracy.

Embracing ReMatter wasn't just a leap into modernization; it was a strategic move grounded in real financial and productivity benefits for the entire organization. Across the board, Anthony and USR found significant return on their investment in ReMatter in 5 critical areas:

1. Time Savings at the Scale

ReMatter significantly cut down time on the scale. By automatically populating ticket details and blazing fast data entry, the product saves between 30-60 seconds per transaction. With 1000 transactions a day, this efficiency translates into an impressive 8-16 hours of work saved across the company per day. This kind of time-saving is transformative, allowing staff to redirect their focus from tedious data entry to areas that directly enhance customer service and drive value.

Financially, the savings are equally compelling. Calculated at an hourly rate of $30, that would imply USR conserves $240 to $480 daily, or $5,000 to $10,000 each month. This significant reduction in operational costs not only boosts the bottom line but also provides the business with the flexibility to invest in other areas, whether that be in technology, staff wellbeing, or customer service. "It's not just about the money, though," Anthony points out. "It's about what we can do with that time. More focus on customer service, maintenance, and even a bit of breathing room for our team. That's priceless."

2. Time Savings on Reporting

ReMatter provides auto-generated reports, allowing key data to be emailed on a schedule to stakeholders, a feature that distinguishes it from competitors. Previously, two employees dedicated hours each day to manually compiling and sending out reports, a process that could be tedious and error-prone. This process is now fully automated, ensuring data is in the hands of those who need it - every single day.

This shift in how reports are managed translates into tangible time and cost savings. Specifically, it frees up two employees for about 2 hours each day. At a $30/hr rate for this back office work, this equates to a daily savings of $120, or approximately $3,000 monthly. "The move to auto-generated reports means we're not just working smarter when it comes to time and money," Anthony explains, "but we're also improving how we engage with our data and make decisions. It's a game-changer for us."

3. Cost Savings from Payment Guardrails

One of the most impactful improvements since implementing ReMatter has been avoiding costly double payments. The adoption of ReMatter has effectively eliminated these mistakes by ensuring seamless communication and record-keeping between dispatch and scale operations. This not only represents a direct cost saving of $3,000 monthly but also boosts the company's financial health and operational integrity. "It's more than just the savings," Anthony remarks, "It's about the trust we build with our vendors and customers by getting things right the first time. That's invaluable." This improvement in accuracy underscores ReMatter's role not just in streamlining operations, but in fortifying the company's reputation for reliability and efficiency.

4. Cloud Hosted & Available On Mobile

Anthony regularly travels for work, and on his trips before ReMatter, he used to have to set up a Remote Desktop Connection to access his data on the go. Now, with ReMatter's intuitive mobile app and the convenience of emailed reports, accessing information and staying updated has never been simpler. This transformation streamlines operations and significantly reduces the time and effort previously required for routine tasks, allowing the team to focus on more strategic activities. Anthony sums it up: "the difference in convenience and efficiency is night and day. It’s priceless"

5. Dispatch ROI

The integration of ReMatter has delivered substantial returns when it comes to asset tracking. Today, a standard 40-yard bin costs around $10,000. Without a system focused on bin tracking, the company might lose track of one bin per month on average, translating into an annual financial cost of up to $120,000.

With ReMatter's robust asset tracking capabilities, this issue has been virtually eliminated, safeguarding assets and directly contributing to an impressive annual cost savings of $120,000. Additionally, with asset turn times displayed visibly in the product, USR can be more decisive about swapping bins, or charging for stagnant bins, creating new revenue opportunities.

How ReMatter has Transformed USR’s Operations

The adoption of ReMatter across the company —from the scale to reporting, and from accuracy improvements to dispatch ROI—has fundamentally transformed the way Anthony's company conducts its business.

Collectively, through time savings at the scale and with reporting, combined with payment guardrails and fewer missing bins, ReMatter has provided over $200k of bottom line growth at Anthony’s yards alone.

By automating time-consuming processes, improving accuracy, and ensuring high quality asset tracking, ReMatter has not only delivered quantifiable cost savings but has also significantly improved operational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Anthony sums it up nicely:

“After spending over 25 years in the recycling industry and testing out six different point-of-sale software programs, I can confidently say that Rematter is a game-changer. Unlike its predecessors, ReMatter is an all-in-one solution tailored specifically for recycling companies. Its seamless integration of essential functions eliminates the need for multiple disjointed programs.

Without a doubt, ReMatter has earned its spot as the number one software in today's marketplace.”

Drake Hougo

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