Customer Story

Capital Metal Management

“Their constant innovation, based on user feedback, keeps the platform evolving in ways that consistently benefit our operations”.

Drake Hougo
Apr 08 2024

Company Name: Capital Metal Management

Company Size: Nationwide Reach

Location: Atwood, TN

Challenges: Outdated Systems, Inefficient Communication, Scaling Operations

Solution: ReMatter Software for Enhanced Efficiency, Transparency, and Customer Engagement

Challenges and Needs

Before the inception of Capital Metal, Mason Cooper and his team were looking to break free from the limitations of on prem software they had experienced with their old system. Mason mentioned that "we needed something that was not confined to in-house servers and hard drives.. I want something I can pull up anywhere. I don't want to have to be at my yard - I just want to get done what needs to be done."

Why ReMatter?The choice was significantly influenced by ReMatter's user-friendly design. "ReMatter's design is great. It really reduces the burden of training new employees”, mentions Mason. From a workflow perspective, integration of Accounts Payable, Settlements, and the Supplier Portal particularly resonated with their requirements.

Additionally, ReMatter’s Supplier Portal, which provides customers the autonomy to monitor their transactions from a self-serve web app, emerged as a game-changer. Mason notes, “The better experience we can provide with the Supplier Portal has helped us close an additional 25 deals over the past 3 months alone.”

Implementation and Support

Switching to ReMatter turned out to be a smooth ride for the crew at Capital Metal. Mason appreciates the swift response of their customer support team, often within a few minutes. “ReMatter gave us constant updates and their support team was always proactive and checking in on us”, Mason says.

What stood out for Mason was the direct line they had to ReMatter’s leadership. “Being able to directly reach out to ReMatter’s founders for support or advice is something you don’t see often,” Mason observed, highlighting how much they valued the responsiveness and personal touch that’s quite uncommon in the tech world.

Impact on Business

The introduction of ReMatter had a transformative effect on Capital Metal, across the board.

  1. The Supplier Portal enabled clients to view real-time tickets and payment history, as well as request bin service directly. This boosted customer happiness and freed up the team to concentrate on expanding the business.
  2. Because the system is so intuitive, fast, and optimized for recyclers’ workflows, Mason says he “probably saves a minimum of a minute per ticket” they run every day.

Benefits and Satisfaction

Although ReMatter was a significant investment, Mason says the return was worth it to their team. “All of the time that I'm saving from not having to answer the emails and create all of these various reports… It lets me go after new business. I'm able to travel more. I'm able to be more accessible for our customers. So if I need to go to Texas tomorrow, then I'm able to go to Texas.”


Adopting ReMatter has marked a significant turning point for Capital Metal, perfectly aligning with their commitment to operational excellence and superior customer service. “As we continue to grow, ReMatter is central to our success”, affirms Mason. “Their constant innovation, based on user feedback, keeps the platform evolving in ways that consistently benefit our operations”.

Drake Hougo

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