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Transforming the Scrap Industry: Building the Perfect Solution for Your Business Needs

Drake Hougo
Apr 25 2024

ReMatter is changing the scrap industry with an innovative new software platform. The company, launched out of Stanford’s technology incubator, is led by Forbes 30 Under 30 honorees Wyatt Pontius, Drake Hougo and Sean O’Bannon. The engineering-focused team has spent years working with industry players to build a new solution that integrates customer data into actionable reports, automates compliance and allows owners to manage their yards from their smartphones.

“Scrap yards are much more sophisticated and complex than people think, and existing software platforms have not kept pace with technological innovation,” says O’Bannon, ReMatter chief technology officer (CTO). “Our goal is to work with our customers directly to build an easy-to-use platform that helps yards of all sizes manage everything from scale ticketing to accounting to compliance and more. Users can do this not only at their yards but even on the go using their mobile devices.” ReMatter’s approach to the industry is maniacally customer-centric. Co-founder Hougo is on the phone with customers daily, despite the team’s growing sales and customer service teams. He says, “This product is not something you can sit down and diagram at a whiteboard in a few hours. You need hard-won insights from real yards using the product every day. If I’m not in the weeds talking with yard owners about their problems on a daily basis, how can we expect to solve them? The way we view it is this: Our customers are our road map, period.”

ReMatter has grown quickly over the past three years, building relationships with some of the biggest recyclers, such as Gerdau, a current customer. Danny Danial, capex/reliability/logistics leader at Gerdau Long Steel North America Metals Recycling, says his department was looking for a robust system to automate dispatch. “We needed the ability to grow the system and have a focus on useability for the drivers and dispatchers.” ReMatter not only delivered the product but also walked Danial’s team through the implementation. “They were invested every day,” he says, adding that he was impressed with the team’s level of professionalism, problem solving and attention to detail.

“They have laid out a road map for taking the different aspects of business in Gerdau and combining them into an enterprise-type system that can be adapted anywhere,” Danial says.

ReMatter is invested in the success of its customers, working with them daily toward the ultimate goal of building a single system to run the entirety of their yards.

ReMatter CEO Pontius is laser-focused on delivering value for customers through innovation and industry-leading service. “We have a great product, but we want it to be perfect. We want folks to be blown away by how our product can help them manage their businesses.”

With a growing team and an increas- ingly impressive customer list, building the best scrap metal recycling software is table stakes. The job won’t be done until it’s perfect.

Drake Hougo

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