ReMatter Driver

Keep Drivers happy and productive

With ReMatter Driver, your Drivers can easily receive Jobs, log Job notes, and move Assets - no more phone calls or manual tracking.

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ReMatter Driver for simple Job Assignments

iOS and Android Compatible

Access ReMatter Driver from any Apple or Android device. A software built to work on any phone or tablet.

Robust Admin Settings

From requiring photos to allowing Drivers to create their own Jobs - you have control. Seamlessly manage Driver accounts from the ReMatter console.

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Driver Job Creation

On-the-Go Dispatching

If enabled, Drivers can easily create Jobs that are assigned to themselves. They can even include notes to make Dispatch-Driver communication simple

Easily Grant or Restrict Access

Want to easily grants some Drivers job-creation access, but not others? Control who can create Jobs from the ReMatter Dispatch console.

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Asset Photos and Job Completion Tracking

Attach Job Photos

Require (or make optional) photos for all Assets serviced in a given load. Using the built-in cameras on your Drivers’ devices, knowing the state of your asset has never been easier.

Track Failed Jobs

Drivers can select from a variety of reasons why a Job Failed - traffic, empty assets, perssonel not ready - so you can track service response through time.

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